New Jersey to the Virginia Valley


His odyssey began when his father moved the family from New Jersey to the Virginia Valley before the Revolutionary War and ended over 58 years later and 1,000 miles away on the Red River in Texas

Only twelve years before Collin was born, a 22 year old Virginia Militiaman named George Washington ambushed a French patrol and ignited the French Indian Wars. Seven years later, the British rightly calculated that France’s concentration of military resources in Europe left a vacuum in North America and pressed for victory. In 1760, the French were expelled from the continent, the British gained Canada and all of the land east of the Mississippi River and Spain held all of the territory west of the same river.

French Indian Wars

The war cost the British government dearly and they attempted to recoup their losses by taxing the American Colonies, a leading cause of the Revolutionary War. Furthermore, in an effort to control their existing territories and attenuate tensions with Native Americans, the Royal Proclamation of 1763 forbade settlers from migrating west of the Appalachians. Scores of wagons headed westward, in the hopes that a united migration would prove the law impossible to enforce.

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