Product Descriptions

Blue Splash Table Linens . . . A Riotous Celebration for Every Holiday
Your guests will bless you for deviating from the ‘normal’ holiday spread. Feasting their eyes on this barely controlled chaos, they’ll be thankful for creativity that sparks the imagination. The table cloth and napkins are available as individual items, but why would you ever separate these playmates?
Ferm Brass Toilet Paper Holder and Towel Holder . . . Art Shouldn’t Stop at the Bathroom Door.
These oak and mat brass accessories will lend your most prosaic room with panache and function. Your ‘captive audience’ should never be bored. The delicacy of the mat brass contrasts with the solid oak anchors to create a frame that demurs to your carefully selected towels. The toilet paper holder, without a doubt the most underrated ‘object d’art’ of accessories, should not be ignored. Why not provide the most utilitarian product in the household with a little snap?
Brass Desk Accessories . . . Frame the discussion before it starts
Your love of efficiency and beauty make an unmistakable first impression. Subdued mat polish on solid brass in three basic designs provide resting places for all of your hard copy – letters, envelopes, magazines and even those pesky miscellaneous papers. The triangle stand is perfect for letters, papers (and even napkins, if you insist on taking it home). A warm hemisphere stores magazines and newspapers. Finally, a rare fusion of simplicity in solid brass, this unique tray accommodates almost anything – or nothing. A centerpiece for your desk that you may not want to hide with the more mundane.
TaikaThrow . . . A magic carpet ride from Taika
Finally, a bigger way to express your Taika soul. These beautifully woven, fine merino throws are breathtaking. They evoke Russian and Scandinavian folklore as captured by Klaus Haapaniemi and Heikki Orvola and live up to their name, Taika (‘magic’).

Anita Johansen Day Bed . . . An Avant-garde chameleon for your home or waiting room.
A day bed that functions as a bench or couch, it can welcome guests to your entry way, waiting room, or simply provide additional horizontal space anywhere. Designed by Anita Johansen, it exemplifies Nordic construction and eye-popping design. A simple ash frame with thin, soft, upholstered ribs, it whispers modernism. Available in a bold Dark Black or a Lighter, natural ash, both add a dramatic conversation piece to any room. Don’t be surprised to see it in a museum one day.
Norm Wire Trash Cans . . . This is not your father’s trash can.
This is a wire bin with serious attitude. . Kasper Ronn & Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen remind us that minimalism is not a new fad but an age-old quest for scientific elegance. A simple solution to complex problems. They’ve certainly accomplished that in these visually stunning, utilitarian baskets that reflect your taste and last forever.
The Dots Wall Hooks . . . A colorful little family that welcomes your family home.
Designed by Nordic designer, Lars TORNØE, these wall hooks feature carefully rounded edges, taking the very best care of scarves, coats and hats. They come in small, medium, and large so that you can create an arrangement that best fits your needs. Available in brilliant colors, a simple wall is now your canvas.
Muuto Brobert & Ridderstrale Leaf Floor Lamp . . . . The Soul of modern design and technology.
Despite its minimalist design, this floor lamp radiates a friendly appearance with energy-efficient LED. As the shade is rotated, it subtly transforms into a leaf-like silhouette, playing off the light it shines. A must see.

Restore Basket . . . Colorful, flexible storage bins with a smile.
Made of recycled PET bottles, these little troopers come in vibrant colors and look at home anywhere. Unlike their stiff cousins, they’ll accommodate just about anything, without sticking out like a sore thumb.

Soft Grid Cushion Muuto . . . Soft, Quilted, grid-lines that invite a hands-on inspection.
Designers Anderson & Voll specifically designed a unique process to create these exceptional pillows. Knitting two layers of fabric simultaneously with a filler yarn in between, they achieved a quilted look and grid-line structure unlike any other. The quality of their construction is immediately recognizable and their soft hues invite a collection of these softies.
MingleCushion . . .
Thomas Bentzen Mingle Cushion . . . A happy synergy of nuanced colors and fabrics.
This series features Kvadrat Coda fabric on one side and Steelcut on the other. All of them were specifically selected to perfectly blend fabric and color. Available in yellow, rose, red, petroleum, blue and green, they also play extremely well together.

Ferm brass vase . . . The unmatched beauty of fresh flowers enhanced.
This simple, mat polished brass hexagon both compliments and complements the blossoms of your choice. The harmony of colors, geometry and nature is exquisite.

Ferm paper towel stand . . . You’ll never want any other.
Aesthetics and utility in a solid brass hexagon with a marble base. Designed to last for ages, it will brighten kitchens for generations.

Hexagon Brass Bottle Opener . . . Raising a toast to the quintessential ‘brass hexagon’
This playful bottle opener is just fun to look at – and undeniably cool. Crafted in mat brass, it may prove mighty popular and handy the next time you entertain guests.

Brass Octagonal napkin rings . . . Raise some appreciate eyebrows.
Your napkins will never look boring enveloped in these beauties at your next dinner party. Modern geometry in mat brass.

Brass Salad Servers . . . Your carefully prepared salads deserve a drum roll.
These brass salad servers announce its arrival with flourish. Do your salad proud while dishing out the goodies with these sleek, long handled mat brass servers.

Inka Cushion . . . A faithful couch should have some friends.
These artful cushions spark the imagination and inspire examination and comment. Made of 100% organic cotton canvas, they are, of course, printed by hand.
Menu JWD Concrete Table Lamp . . . The solid, the ephemeral and the timeless.
This arresting amalgamation of concrete, delicate glass, and brass by Swedish designer Jonas Wagell, is visually provocative. It will most certainly be a conversation piece.

The GM Lamp . . . A modern classic reprised.
The scientific elegance of Danish design art is captured in a reproduction of Grethe Meyer’s lamp as originally sketched by her in May of 1984. It is the very embodiment of her genius.

Miller Goodman – ShapeMaker . . . This Christmas, let your toddlers go quietly wild
This 25 piece puzzle is made of renewable material and printed with child-safe non toxic inks. With an almost limitless number of different ways to form fantastic faces and figures, it also includes a booklet to inspire creativity. Hands off, adults.
Kontra Bowl by Stelton . . . Opposites do attract.
The unlikely marriage of bamboo and stainless steel creates a striking contrast between warmth and shine in this elegantly designed bowl. Perfect for salads, fruit, or just showing off.

Puka Puka Neon Polka Dot Mobile . . . Your baby’s first glimpse of art and bright colors
These stainless steel balls are covered with brilliantly colored felted wool against a backdrop of neutral white and grey orbs. Please note that you should keep this mobile out of a baby’s reach – it’s art that is built to be an heirloom, delighting children and adults for ages.
Puka Puka floating disc mobile with orange . . . A brilliant treat for your baby’s new eyes.

Made of plywood, plastic, and polished stainless steel, these floating stone shaped discs will capture the imagination of infants (and their parents). A flash of orange draws everyone’s attention and provides hours of entertainment. This mobile is also built to last so you need to keep it out of reach. It is not a toy.

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