Dead Fly – Guess Who’s NOT Coming to Dinner?

Guess who’s not coming to dinner?

On the way to crash your party, this varmint stopped by a seedy joint, only 4/5″ square, chowed down on a few yummy hors d’oeuvres and checked out – forever. He, along with all of his unsavory buddies, had to permanently cancel their plans to buzz incessantly around you while you and your guests enjoyed a quiet Dead Flymeal.

They must have been shocked. They’d heard rumors, of course, about mass murders at dives near dumpsters and restaurants but rarely in someone’s home. Flies on the wall and countless veterans of fly by’s had reported the aftermath. Millions had simply disappeared off the face of the Earth. Oh the humanity. What were they up to?

Fortunately, none of these critters had access to the internet – where they would have quickly found their answer: the best fly killer on the market is now available to you, the tortured consumer. You can finally put down that fly swatter (only if you want to) with ‘Dead Fly’.

This isn’t the old sticky fly trap used on flies of yesteryear – it’s dry, doesn’t emit any fumes or vapors and their germy little corpses can be vacuumed right off the plastic square. It contains an incredibly bitter additive that discourages ingestion by all except your intended victims.

The clock on this killer plastic doesn’t start ticking until you open the package and stick it on whatever your heart desires – windowsills, trash cans, or anywhere else you’d like to serve their final supper. An activated sticker of Dead Fly lasts for seven months and covers 1,000 cubic feet of space. So, unless you live in a palace, our package of twenty (20) stickers is going to guarantee you a no-fly zone for quite some time. And all for only $50. What are you waiting for?

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