High End Design Product Descriptions I

Gio Ponti Centerpiece
An artful chameleon serving double duty…

Gio Ponti CenterpieceThe master of Italian design and architecture in the 20th century, Gio Ponti now captures the imagination of 21st century collectors. These two 9.5” intertwined serving bowls are a perfect dichotomy of two halves of one stunning centerpiece. Each bowl can be flipped to cover the other in an ingenuously simple design that invites experimentation. Imminently suited for separate use, you may be reluctant to disturb the entirety that invites a closer look.
Size: 8.6″ H | 9.5″ Diameter
Material: 18/10 S.S.

24K Gold Joy n.11 Bowl
Gold school opulence in the digital age…

24kgoldjoybowl-2The unique molding of this bowl evokes a time long before the industrial revolution when lustrous metals were hammered and shaped by hand to create facets reflecting their natural beauty. Italian Designer Claudia Raimondo has enveloped this vessel of gilded light with an avant-garde shell that defies the laws of nature: unexpected angles among curves with a smooth exterior that’s all about modernity and the digital age. The contrast is provocative – filled with fruit, no one will ever grab an apple or a Kumquat without a wry twinkle from this bowl and a quiet nod to timeless style.
Size: 3.25″ H | 8.25″ Diameter
Material: 24 K Gold Plated S.S.

Coupe Leather Bowl Centerpiece                                                                           The Quiet power and sleek lines of an Italian Sports-car . . .

wow-leather-bowl_1All eyes will be drawn to this 23” expression of confidence. Low slung and covered with the rich aromatic leather found in the cockpit of driving legends, it invites adorations of endless creativity. Think of it as your own warm, richly grained blank canvas, just waiting for all kinds of expressions. Caution: this may be addictive. Michael Verheyden, of course, is famous for his imaginative combinations of unique materials and designs that will stop you in your tracks.
Size: 23.6″ Diameter
Material: Leather

Cha Teapot and Kettle
From stovetop to table in one artful swoop…

chateapotkettle-2Described as a ‘petite pot for perfect pekoe’ by a writer far better versed in alliteration than your humble servant, The Alessi Cha teapot/kettle is a treasure. Mirrored polished 18/10 stainless steel defines Fukasawa’s form – an exemplar of Japanese minimalism with a mission. A kettle and teapot in one, this iconic kettle delivers freshly brewed tea to your table with a cool-to-the-touch thermoplastic resin handle and knob and stainless steel tea strainer.                                                                                                            Size: 7.5″ L | 5.75″ W | 8.75″ H | 31.75 oz
Material: 18/10 S.S.

Pesciera Fish Kettle | Lmt Ed 999
Performance culinary art of poaching fish…

PescieraFishThe original of the Sambonet stainless steel (999) fish kettle design so stunned the designing world in 1957 that one resides at the Museum of Modern Art. In the culinary world, however, it was revered as the holy grail of fish poaching, in the storied tradition of the best chefs in Europe. From a French Poached Sea Trout with Sorrel Hollandaise to a Scottish Tweed Kettle with Salmon, this pesciera cooks your latest healthy meal to perfection. No matter the dish, its presentation in this gleaming limited reissued edition promises great theatre.
Size: 19.6″ L | 5.9″ W | 3.1″ H
Material: 18/10 S.S.

Terra.Cotto Cookware
Bold Mediterranean art on your stovetop…

terracottocookware-5If you never cooked a single meal in these Sambonet Terra.Cotto Piral designs, their presence alone would confirm your decision to buy them. They are destined to become part of your family’s kitchen legacy. Fired in Albisola ovens, this cookware is recognized as the highest quality terracotta cookware in the world able to withstand temperatures ranging from 250° C to 280°C in an oven or a microwave. And, its materials are eco-friendly. Naturally.

Territoire Serving Trays
Arresting simplicity…

territoireservingtrays-1Matali Crasset modestly eschews product design but her Alessi Territoire serving tays embody exactly that – performing above and beyond utility in comparable trays. While her ‘manifesto’, a general rejection of all things traditional, is apparent, these trays serve a more prosaic function. They are, first and foremost, dependable carriers of any cargo you might assign it, along with the bleeding edge art of the French variety.

Taika Glass | 2 Glasses
Bring wide eyed wonder to the party…

taikaglassware-1This pair of Taika glasses sport a low Scandinavian profile with a traditional foundation, designed by Heikki Orvola for the Taika series. The etchings are immediately recognizable as the work of Finnish designer, Klaus Haapaniemi, a rising superstar in the world of illustration and design. Inspired by Ivan Bilibin, his unique abstraction of Russian Folklore captures its mystical soul. Your guests will be enchanted.
Size: 3.8″ H | 3.2″ dia | 13.5 oz
Material: Lead-free crystal

Quattro Muri e Due Case Tray
Architecture and product design fused…

Quattro Muri E Due Case TrayTranslated from Italian, the Alessi Quattro Muri e Due Case Tray is “Four walls and two houses”, a sinfully clever reversal of roles in which the exterior is subjugated to the interior. De Lucchi’s modest architectural representations at either end of this sturdy tray belie his renown in that world. Made of durable, eye-pleasing bamboo wood, this tray expresses a wry commentary on design and the influence of architecture on a granular level. Of course, it’s up to you to serve epicurean delights on this evocative plane to equal its imagination.                                                                                                                       Size:  18.25″ L | 14.2″ W | 1.5″ H
Material: Bamboo

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