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Rocky Mountain Sunrise

Steam from your freshly roasted cup of coffee lazily drifts upward as you drink in the sights and sounds of a new dawn in the Rockies. Chasing the night away, the sun ascends, casting a honey colored hue on the verdant trees and lush meadows below. The mountain air is crisp, promising another glorious spring day.

Everyone else is still snuggling in their eider down and you relish the solitude. Your whole world is asleep and you have time to reflect. As you replay all of the events of the last week in your head, a gentle breeze shushes through the pine trees and a Red Tailed Hawk silently glides overhead, eyes glinting.

Cupping the hot mug for warmth and taking a sip, your gaze rests on a herd of grazing mule deer, fawns still close to their mamas’ sides. Your mind wanders to their dwindling numbers and you’re grateful that at least here, on your porch, you can still enjoy undisturbed nature as it was meant to be.

The problems that kept you up all night are beginning to come into focus with a clarity that only this perspective can give you. Some begin falling off the radar screen altogether – banished to the bottom of the priority list. They can wait – forever, in some cases.

The plaintive honking of Canadian Snow Geese draws near and you search the cobalt blue for that magnificent V shaped squadron of voyagers wending their way south. As they swing into view, a feeling of connection washes over you – a visceral human response to nature’s timeless beauty.

Someone in the kitchen rifles through a drawer for a spoon and your thoughts turn to the coming day’s activities – cross country or slope? Some old friends are dropping by and you quietly smile when you think of all the good times you’ve had with them. They’re going to be so excited to see this sprawling house and its vistas. Your very own Shangri-Lai in the Rockies.

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