International Food Wholesalers

About Us

You already know what your customers want – a diverse selection of the highest quality food and consumer goods at competitive prices. The professionals at Bridgepathway LLC are ready to insure that you provide them with exactly that.

We strive to provide our partners with the widest range of the finest products in the most convenient and accessible manner. This website is a portal that provides you with specific information about our products and precisely how we can help you to acquire the inventory you need.

Bridgepathway LLC invests considerable time and research in finding and collaborating with only those best-in-industry manufacturers who share our ideals of high quality at reasonable prices. Their products are represented in three broad categories:

• An extensive selection of all natural, organic foods, from Harmony Farm’s Wildflower Honey to Nature’s Path gluten free cereal.
• A grocery product line that is incredibly varied, ranging from such culinary delights as Stouffer’s Signature Classics to more traditional offerings such as Kellogg’s Eggo’s and Campbell’s Soup on the Go.
• A beauty products division featuring Jennifer Aniston’s much acclaimed Aveeno’s moisturizing lotion, as well as more traditional favorites such as Suave’s and Pert shampoos.

Bridgepathway LLC is focused on cultivating long term, mutually profitable relationships with our buyers. We want to become your ‘go to’ partner as you strive to satisfy your customers’ demands, delivering consistently high quality products with consistently high standards of professionalism.

Working with the Foreign Agricultural Service, we can identify and recommend the latest programs offered by the U.S. government to facilitate your transaction, including possible financing. Bridgepathway LLC enjoys an outstanding reputation in the industry and we are, of course, members of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. Please feel free to contact us via e-mail or phone. We’d be delighted to discuss how we can assist you, in every step of the way, to acquire the products that you need to succeed.

Why we are different

Over the years, Bridgepathway LLC has cultivated an extensive network of manufacturers and producers of the highest quality goods available in the international market. The incredible diversity and range of our product line is a testament to the time and effort we’ve invested in these long term relationships.

Our close association with manufacturers and producers allows us to streamline the procurement process so that our trading partners enjoy a seamless transaction from the placement of an order to the receipt of goods at your warehouse.

Moreover, Bridgepathway LLC has identified many of these sources as excellent candidates for our private labeling division. In essence, we can provide you with the same high quality found in internationally recognized brands such as Campbell’s or Stouffer’s at dramatically reduced prices.

How? For a variety of reasons, producers often find themselves with a larger inventory than they can sell to these name brands. In response, they regularly form partnerships with retailers and wholesalers to supply the same product to be marketed under a different name, also known as a ‘private label’.

In essence, this collaboration bypasses the high cost of advertising and marketing incurred by such giants as Proctor & Gamble – costs included in the price you pay. You, as a client of our private labeling division, only pay for the product and the transportation costs. Better yet, this product will bear the name of your brand, in your own words and language, as part of your overall marketing strategy.

We are the experts who can guide you through this highly profitable process and welcome any and all inquiries about how we can help you to take your operations to the next level.

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